Clean Energy:


Clean Energy Telme

Energy self-sufficiency:

Our project designed in closed circuit, allow energy self-sufficiency to your company or industry.

Our systems can produce and accumulate energy in amounts much higher than your needs.

You will be able to completely turn off the traditional power supply, avoiding headaches with tricky math credits compensation practice by power supply companies.

  • Energy self-sufficiency for companies:

United systems of wind energy (kinetic) with solar energy (photovoltaic) ultra-potentiated by Fresnel lenses.

Own technology iron phosphate batteries, allowing full autonomy of utilities.

  • Energy self-sufficiency for industries and governments:

Energy cells or turbines systems. Energy in endless cycles.

Our technology allows to accumulate all energy volume produced and their use can be made in endless cycles without damaging the batteries.


But is the energy self-sufficiency  possible?

Yes! The traditional power supply company will only be a backup.

Energy storage is a key component to creating sustainable energy systems.
Hydrogen Cell
The current Technologies such as photovoltaic solar and wind turbines can generate energy in a sustainable and environment-friendly way, but its intermitente nature also prevent them from becoming a primary energy carrier.

Our storage Technologies has the potential to solve the problem of intermittency of energy renewable sources, storing intermittent energy generated and making it available on demand, creating a model for a self-sufficient and sustainable model.

The most common implementations of the Market, either sell to the energy supply companies the excess energy produce on a schedule for further compensation (accepting the malicious policies compensations of the energy supply companies) or use storage devices, especially lithium-ion battery.

Lithium-ion batteries work by an electrochemical process where chemical reactions release electrical carriers that can be removed in a circuit.

It happens that the charging and discharging of these batteries is slow and it damage the chemicals inside the battery over the time.  

As a result, this type of battery has a low energy density and lose the ability to retain power through its short life.

This model, despite generate a certain economy, definitely does not solve the problem, nor promotes self-sufficiency.

Our company has a very different approach to production and storage of energy. Besides of using photovoltaic panels for ultra-potentiated Fresnel lenses, wind power, cell energy, we can save what was produced, because we use Ferrite batteries and Supercapacitors.

In supercapacitors, the energy is stored electrostatically on the surface of the material, and does not involve chemical reactions.

Given its fundamental mechanism, it can be charged quickly, leading to a very high power density without losing their storage capacities over the time, with life cycle  of millions of charge and discharge cycles.

Along we use our Ferrite Batteries (iron phosphate) keeping stability, energy density and power density of our applications. 


Only Telme Solutions can promote energetic self-sufficiency in a clean and sustainable way.