Corporate Profile


(text not been reviewed) The TelmeSolutions operates in the telecommunications and IT sector for over twenty years, providing services in the area of ​​support, maintenance, projects and technical advice.

Created from the experience of professionals that saw the birth of the first computer networks data in Brazil, TelmeSolutions remains aligned with its emphasis on technical expertise.

Striving for flexibility and capillarity, the EasyPhone won, and maintains the quality of its results, highlighted clients on the national scene.

The philosophy of EasyPhone is based mainly in the pursuit of excellence of its services, technical and administrative competence in the high sense of responsibility of the professional team and respect and transparency in the relationship with your customers.

Our Telme Solutions division whose mission is to be inclusive of operating system services for SuperServidores and IP telephony, and meet the technology market with quality and punctuality, speed and competitive price, aiming at customer satisfaction with return on investment.
Market Overview:
Currently, businesses and government have sought to implement integrated and convergent solutions.

The Telme Solutions is the leader to provide systems that support high demand access to users and voice services, simultaneous requests for large-scale video displays high-load systems with high availability for operation in desktop or remote, unified communications, bringing solutions robust and innovative for business customers.

Due to the highly competitive Brazilian market, the triumph of some companies is to have the best and most advanced technological solutions, thus creating an extremely agile IT environment with unified solutions in user management, advancing with this differential,
to complete successfully on the market.

The Telme Solutions is able to offer its customers the best convergent solutions. We understand the fundamental role of information technology applied in the construction and maintenance of trade relations, and also the way companies need to communicate
with customers, dealers, suppliers and business partners, which can be the difference between commercial gain or lost business.

The Telme Solutions this fully updated and aligned with the main developers of local and global systems that are leaders in their segments. Through strategic alliances, we offer the best services and solutions integration and CRM, to brave the constant
search for excellence in results, reduced costs and increased productivity of the companies we serve.

The team Telme Solutions has highly qualified personnel, being them, technicians, software engineers and systems analysts. This professional body allows the company a breadth of expertise in the areas of operating systems, telecommunications and IT, such as:

  • Consulting implementation of IT systems
  • Operation and technical support to the user and Advanced Servers
  • Solutions based on Unix servers in complete platform as a web server and E-mail, with virtual machines and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solutions that integrate telephony, computers and intelligence systems (call center, IVR, digital recorders, monitoring)
  • Unified Communications
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Management service platforms
  • Technical assistance in microcomputers (software and hardware)
  • Management and monitoring of LAN / WAN
  • Support for network security platforms (firewall)
  • Logical cabling / structured telephone
  • Development of WEB systems for electronic commerce (e-commerce) facing the peculiarities of the Brazilian banking system, with acceptance of online payment methods. (Credit cards, payment and online transfer, bank, etc.)
  • Platforms for Electronic Currencies
  • Support and security in web environment
  • System administration via WEB
  • Remote monitoring of IP cameras
  • Outsourcing aggregate equipment
  • Unique solutions in CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Because of this strong commitment, Telme Solutions has structured and offered a set of integrated solutions with high added value for its customers, providing all technological infrastructure in order to allow the companies, the tranquility to devote efforts time and resources, only in the main:

The success of your business.